INNOVACARRETERA, the biennial Technological Demonstration Fair of the Road Infrastructure Sector, is a working meeting of the Spanish road sector under a new format: live demonstrations of innovative products and services applied to road infrastructures.

The event is held in an open space that has the necessary infrastructure for the development of the demonstrations, and consists of both a program of general presentations in a covered auditorium and several passes / sessions of each of the demonstrations.

INNOVACARRETERA 2011 Demonstrators

Simulation Platform for the Training of Operators and the Validation Processes of the Exploitation Manual

Entity: INDRA

The purpose of the presentation is to show the partial result of the R & D project ACERTaR, which proposes the creation of a traffic simulation platform, focused mainly on the most critical environment, such as underground environments, which serves as a base not only for the training of operators, but to certify their qualities to carry out a task of such responsibility.

DANTE: Intelligent system for improving safety at intersections

Entity: SICE

System designed to avoid conflicts in T-type intersections, locating vehicles approaching the intersection and determining, through the use of algorithms, if any type of conflict can occur. The device also communicates to the users the possible situations of danger through different channels.

Structured cold plastic, a new concept in road marking


Presentation of new materials for “Structured” type horizontal signage, which brilliantly solve the inconvenience of having low levels of night visibility in rainy conditions. Thanks to its efficient water drainage system and its three-dimensional profile, these materials also provide a high resistance to sliding.

Real scale shock test according to European standard UNE-EN 1317-3

Entity: HIASA

Frontal impact at 0º, centered, at 110 km / h, on a 1,500 kg tourism against Redirectivo Impact Attendant AIR H-110V. This attenuator belongs to a family of impact attenuators of design and national production, of high technology. Manufactured entirely in galvanized steel, it is easy to repair after impact and has an open design that can be inspected by the naked eye. Within the family specifically the AIR H-110V attenuator is specifically designed to protect against wide obstacles.

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