INNOVACARRETERA, the biennial Technological Demonstration Fair of the Road Infrastructure Sector, is a working meeting of the Spanish road sector under a new format: live demonstrations of innovative products and services applied to road infrastructures.

The event is held in an open space that has the necessary infrastructure for the development of the demonstrations, and consists of both a program of general presentations in a covered auditorium and several passes / sessions of each of the demonstrations.


“Financing of the Innovative Public Purchase” by Nuria Diaz MINECO:

“Tender for Innovative Public Purchase. Practical considerations in the tender to solve the problems caused by fog in the A-8” by Gemma Caballero INECO:

“R+D+i Road Sector” by José Luis Peña, Director General de la PTC:

“CPI in the road sector” by Roberto Garcia Dynicon Systems:

The demonstrators of the 2015 edition are shown below:

Innovative highway auscultation system AMAC

Entity: DBI Services and CIDAUT Foundation

AMAC (Advanced Mobile Asset Collection) is a dynamic, state-of-the-art, high-precision system that measures retroreflection of vertical signage while generating a complete inventory of it. It evaluates in a safe, fast and effective way the real behavior in service of the vertical signals contributing to optimize the conservation of the vertical signaling. In addition to the retroreflection of vertical signage and signage for each color, it also measures its position (absolute and relative to the track) and dimensions. The collected data is analyzed and georeferenced so that it can be integrated with GIS systems or any other type of existing inventory.

Video Demonstration:

Presentation Video:

Optical sensor of the state of the pavement SENSROAD

Entity: Carlos III University of Madrid

Sensroad is based on laser spectroscopy and a patented detection system, remotely measures the state of the pavement surface, indicating its dry, wet, wet state, with ice, frost or snow and estimating the coefficient of friction. There is a design to be installed on a fixed pole with an RS-485 communication interface and a protocol compatible with SEVAC (Air Traffic Sensor Variables) stations. In addition, a second model allows its installation on board maintenance vehicles. In this case the sensor sends the data directly to a tablet or to a phone via Bluetooth.

Video Demonstration:

Presentation Video:

Sustainable security barriers

Entity: Signus

Demonstrator of approved safety barriers, made with recycled materials. A concrete barrier with a high absorption capacity of impact energy and a protective barrier for motorists that minimizes projection problems after the accident will be presented.

Video Demonstration:

Presentation Video:

System for the thermal control of the implementation of bituminous mixtures PAVE-IR TM SCAN

Entity: MOBA Mobile Automation and TECMASERM

PAVE-IR TM SCAN is a system designed for the exhaustive quality control in real time of the implementation of hot mix asphalt. The system is installed on an asphalt paver. It consists of a Scanner that performs continuous reading of the surface temperature of asphalt across its width up to 13 meters, a precision GPS that incorporate the geographical position point to point, speed and distance traveled, a Meteorological Station that it adds the information of environmental data (wind speed, outside temperature, atmospheric pressure and humidity), a temperature sensor that indicates the temperature of the material in the hopper, and an on-board computer that graphically shows all the information generated. The information obtained by the system is analyzed in real time on site and later in office through the software Pave Project Manager PPM.

Video Demonstration:

Presentation Video:

Real-time monitoring of civil infrastructures by Fiber Optics


FINEST (Fiber Network Distributed Temperature and Strain Analyzer), and FINDAS (Fiber Network distributed Acoustic Sensor), are two products of FOCUS S.L. that convert every fiber optic meter installed for communications into a thermometer, a geophone or a gauge. This is done based on distributed analysis of the Brillouin and Rayleigh dispersion, in real time, monitoring distances of up to 100 km. Its applications are the detection of fuel leaks in oil and gas pipelines, threats by machinery to them, earth movements in road networks and railways or the location of pollutant discharges in rivers or the spontaneous ignition of coals and waste. In addition, interrogating teams work by taking advantage of communication networks, so this information can be obtained centrally and in real time.

Video Demonstration:

Presentation Video:

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