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Every minute, someone in the world dies in urban traffic.1 To stop this, cities have taken a leadership role
in the battle for road safety. With speed limit reductions and radical changes in street design, their actions
deliver measurable results. In 2019, two major European capital cities, Helsinki and Oslo, have reduced the
number of pedestrians and cyclists killed in traffic to zero.

Safer streets are crucial for making a city more liveable. If streets remain dangerous, efforts to promote
walking and cycling are undermined. Reducing the risks of urban traffic not only saves lives, it enables
sustainable forms of transport which reduce pollution, cut emissions, fight congestion and improve the
physical and mental health of citizens.

Carefully considered road safety policies ensure that cities have a critical and growing role towards
achieving the United Nations Global Sustainability Goals and implementing the New Urban Agenda. Cities
offer countless opportunities for experimentation and policy innovation. Efforts made by cities
complement important actions led by other stakeholders, including national governments and intergovernmental organisations, whose impact on vehicle design standards, research and training are

The International Transport Forum (ITF) launched the ITF Safer City Streets initiative at the UN Habitat III
conference in 2016. It brings together road safety experts working in cities and explores the solutions
developed at a local level. Cities in the network improve their urban road safety performance by sharing
data, experiences and knowledge – by learning from each other.
Safer City Streets replicates the global road safety network of countries hosted by the ITF at city-level. This
network, known as the International Road Traffic Safety Analysis and Data Group (IRTAD) has existed for
more than 25 years. The IRTAD Group has been hailed by the World Health Organization as “a model of a
multicounty effort” and its crash data as “simply the best in the world” by Global NCAP, the network of
crash test programmes.

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