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Many Intellectual Property platforms have been created with various degrees of success but no widely recognised institution exists that can help owners wanting to sell or license their Intellectual Property or support buyers in identifying IP that they may be interested in purchasing.

This state of affairs perpetuates a situation in the Intellectual Property market in which costs are high and deals are made only following extensive negotiation (often on the basis of non-transparent price structures).

This creates a challenging environment for corporates that can only sell Intellectual Property assets slowly and at high costs, for universities that struggle to commercialise their discoveries, for high-tech start-ups that have to recur to risky forms of financing or give away equity too quickly and for investors that find it hard to understand and valuate intangible assets that can, today, make up a significant portion of a company’s value.

The proposed workshop will consider the challenges and opportunities presented by Intellectual Property trading and Intellectual Property based finance. It will host a variety of keynote speakers with experience in patent, copyright and IP markets in general;  it will bring together a number of representatives of Intellectual Property trading and finance initiatives and it will conclude with an analysis of possibilities for EU action.

The objective will be to better understand the domain of Intellectual Property exchange and finance in Europe and discuss possible options for action at the EU level.


Please register for the workshop via our online events registration system.


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