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Every public asset requires continuous maintenance. Optimal maintenance is easiest achieved with continuous, inexpensive, safe, and precise monitoring. Due in part to the size and complexity of road networks, monitoring technology for such networks is in its infancy. The current alternatives available to do this are any or all of manual, tedious, subjective, non-scalable, unsafe, or very expensive. What is needed is an accessible, (very) inexpensive but precise way of viewing and assessing road surfaces and other roadway features. Fortunately, A.I. and machine learning, when combined with a simple smartphone, can be used to solve that problem. More importantly, this technology moves the challenge of roadway assessment out of the realm of subjective opinion to the world of true data-driven decision making and makes such a move available for even the smallest municipality or township. This webinar will introduce how municipalities, cities, states/regions, and even nations use artificial intelligence to objectively monitor and maintain their roadways in a repeatable and affordable way.

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