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During 2020 we saw marked advances in the availability of electrified vehicles (EVs), and particularly in market uptake of battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) in many countries. This is expected to continue in 2021, with continuing attention to battery technology with advanced characteristics of energy density and structural weight of the battery.

These advances in EV technology will be accompanied by the rollout of charging infrastructure and continuing evolution of policy incentives for the purchase of EVs in many jurisdictions. At the same time, developments in connected and automated vehicles, and in advanced driver assistance, continue to promote the image of the digital vehicle.

Electrification of the drive train is seen by many as a natural strand of vehicle digitalization. The move to EVs is creating new vehicle market sectors with innovative use cases, for example in parcel delivery and personal services. New thinking in the market will lead to new technical demands, such as driverless capability. This new thinking extends to heavier freight trucks, previously thought to be less amenable to electrification. There is a sense of EV urgency in many countries that could have disruptive influences on vehicle performance as well as infrastructure development.

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