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Japan has developed a new smart road technology in a bid to reduce the number of road accidents and casualties.

The government has initiated a trial programme with Toyota for the deployment of car-to-infrastructure technology, comprising traffic lights that can communicate with vehicles. reports that communication towers at 20 intersections in Aichi and Tokyo prefectures were set up during the trial programme.

Upon the completion of the trial phase, around 50 billion towers will be deployed across the country by March 2016, focussing on areas where major accidents tend to occur.

The technology will also be installed at some freeway on and off ramps.

The towers will issue warnings to drivers if they are entering a side street with a pedestrian crossing.

According to government figures, approximately 45% of accidents occur near intersections, most of which tend to involve elderly citizens. The technology will therefore issue alerts to drivers turning at an intersection about the approaching vehicle that may have been obscured from view due to traffic.

The instrument panel will flash a warning signal in the event drivers lift their foot off the brake and are likely to collide with an oncoming vehicle, as well as an alert to reduce speed when approaching a red light, providing ample time for drivers to stop in time.

Although Toyota is the initial partner in implementing this technology, the government intends to make the technology available to other car manufacturers as well.

Toyota also plans to expand its radar-based monitoring and wireless communication, which will enable vehicles to communicate to each other.

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