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Kapsch TrafficCom (Kapsch), an Austrian company, which provides intelligent transportation systems (ITS) in the segments of toll collection and traffic management, has secured a contract from US-based company I-77 Mobility Partners.

As per the terms of the contract, Kapsch will be responsible for toll system and integrate the systems for the Interstate 77 Express Lanes project in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The project works include end-to-end design, installation, and ongoing maintenance of the project’s field-level systems. It would be the first express lane project in North Carolina’s, as well as one of the first toll facility built in Charlotte.

The express lanes will be built between 26-mile section of the I-77 highway between uptown Charlotte and Mooresville, North Carolina.

Kapsch will carry out works such as designing and deployment of tolling and traffic management hardware and field systems, including the Toll Collection System (TCS), Intelligent Transportation System (ITS), and Network Communication System (NCS).

The tolling equipment will also include the new Vehicle Detection and Classification (nVDC) sensors that has been designed and developed by Kapsch.

I-77 Mobility Partners CEO Javier Tamargo said: “In multiple US states and now in North Carolina, we pride ourselves in delivering toll revenue transaction systems that are reliable, accurate, and easily reconcilable.

“We are excited to partner with Kapsch for the design and construction of the ITS and TCS of the I-77 Express Lanes Project.

“Kapsch’s expertise in developing complex projects similar to the I-77 Express Lanes makes it a great addition to the team to deliver this much needed project.”

The express lanes are slated to open in October 2018.

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