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A newly developed technology that will “pave” the way to sustainability has been adopted by Iwata City, a growing city in Japan. Kao Specialties Americas, a US subsidiary of Tokyo-based Kao Corporation, announced this year the revolutionary technology that incorporates recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic and makes asphalt nearly 5 times more durable than traditional asphalt in the paving industry. NEWTLAC 5000 quickly grabbed the attention of city officials that have now used the new additive made from discarded PET plastic, like clear single use water bottles, to repair roads. A popular Japan-based pharmacy chain, Welcia, also used NEWTLAC 5000 to pave their parking lot. Click here to watch the process of making NEWTLAC 5000 and the Welcia paving project.

Finding a new use for PET plastic can divert millions of tons of plastic from landfills globally. For instance, a 1000 m2 surface area with NEWTLAC reuses approximately 15,000 discarded PET bottles. This unique way of thinking drives Kao’s goal to support sustainable lifestyles throughout the world with “positive recycling”—creating a new market for recycled materials.

Kao Corporation will continue to contribute to the preservation of our environment and the realization of safer, more sustainable societies by launching this technology”, said Masahiro Katayose, Executive Officer, President, Chemical Business at Kao. “The challenge now is to find partners that share the same values and goals to help us spread this benefit globally, including the U.S., Europe and Asia.”

Safer, more sustainable societies

In addition to utilizing recycled materials, NEWTLAC has been shown to improve the durability, oil resistance, and water resistance of the pavement, which is expected to reduce the number of repairs and the pavement life cycle cost. Studies have also shown it can reduce generation of asphalt dust, a growing environmental concern. Even driving safety is improved since road lines are more visible on the pavement because it better retains its darkness. Kao believes that spreading this forward-thinking technology globally will help any organization improve road safety, save money by avoiding re-paving, and create more sustainable societies in roadways, parking lots or any paved area.

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