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La European Platform on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans lanza una versión en español del documento: “RESUMEN DE LOS TOMADORES DE DECISIONES PARA LA ELABORACIÓN E IMPLEMENTACIÓN DE UN PLAN DE MOVILIDAD URBANA SOSTENIBLE”

Publication of Guidelines and Summaries for developing and implementing a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (2nd edition) has piqued interest across the world. The fundamental principles apply not just in the European context – but can be applied to cities globally, taking into account local context, governance, and transport conditions.

The interactive summary to make the Guidelines for developing and implementing a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (2nd edition) more accessible and easy to use is being translated to many different languages, the first of which available is Spanish(link is external).

Developed for use by decision-makers who wish to make use of the SUMP Guidelines’ 2nd edition, the document is comprised of only 10 pages to create a succinct and convincing user-guide. The general idea of SUMP is explained, the principles underlying the planning process are described and a brief introduction of the four SUMP phases is given. Decision-makers are given an overview of the benefits of Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning, as well as guidance on how to start the SUMP process. The summary can also be used as an introduction to the urban mobility planning process.

The original guidance in English can be downloaded from Eltis here. All current and future translations are available on the translation page here.

More translations will be added as they become available as will be announced when published.

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