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Connected Driving (or C-ITS) is the term used to describe technology which allows vehicles to become connected to each other, and to the infrastructure and other parts of the transport network. In addition to what drivers can immediately see around them, and what vehicle sensors can detect, all parts of the transport system will increasingly be able to share information to improve decision making. Thus, this technology can improve road safety through avoiding collisions, but also assist in reducing congestion and improving traffic flows, and reduce environmental impacts. Once the basic technology is in place as a platform, an array of applications can be developed.

Connected and automated driving are intimately linked, and cannot be understood one without the other in order to get the most possible benefits for transport and society.

The European Commission decided early 2014 to take a more prominent role in the deployment of connected driving, by setting up a C-ITS Deployment Platform. The Platform was conceived as a cooperative framework including national authorities, C-ITS stakeholders and the Commission, in view to develop a shared vision on the interoperable deployment of C-ITS in the EU. Hence, it was expected to provide policy recommendations for the development of a roadmap and a deployment strategy for C-ITS in the EU and identify potential solutions to some critical cross-cutting issues.

In the frame of supporting the deployment of C-ITS on European roads, there are a number of C-ITS real-life pilot projects funded under TEN-T and CEF which will create new ITS services for all European road users. These projects will test vehicle-to-infrastructure and vehicle-to-vehicle interactions by using both short-range and cellular communications.

By endorsing the Final Report pdf - 3 MB [3 MB] on 21 January 2016, the C-ITS Platform has now achieved its first milestone towards connected and automated vehicles in the EU. The Commission will now prepare the Master Plan for the Deployment of C-ITS, to be ready by mid-2016, based on the recommendations of the platform. The C-ITS Platform will accompany the deployment process with a special focus on the links between connectivity and automation, in particular in relation to infrastructure and road safety issues.

Read the report pdf - 3 MB [3 MB]

Annexes to the report zip - 14 MB [14 MB]

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