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Abu Dhabi: A pilot project has been launched to paint asphalt used on roads, pavements and parking lots with lighter colours in a bid to reduce the environmental impacts of asphalt, the Abu Dhabi Department of Transport announced in a statement sent on Wednesday.

The asphalt will be painted in light grey using water-based, environment-friendly paint, and this will help reduce the heat generated by the asphalt.

The first phase of the project has already been launched in collaboration with the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi.

An area in Al Maqtaa next to the department’s headquarters has already been painted in the lighter asphalt colour. This colour has helped decrease the heat emitted by the road, while also reducing the heat absorbed by the pavement. According to the department, the lighter asphalt is also expected to last longer than darker roads.

The benefits noted from the pilot project have spurred the department to consider implementing it in other areas across the emirate. To enable this, data about road asphalt temperatures and thermal emission will be collected, and analysed by the department to ascertain the impact of different coloured asphalts on the surrounding environment.

According to the department, the project would increase the sustainability of roads in the emirate while providing environmental benefits. The Environment Agency Abu Dhabi will assist the department in its assessments, and make recommendations about proper implementation.

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