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On behalf of the International Road Federation (IRF) and our panel of judges, I would like to congratulate the winners of the 2018 IRF Global Road Achievement Awards. They are an asset to an industry that is constantly investing in new solutions to deliver efficiency gains and sustainability advances that benefit
Instituted in 2000, the Awards have distinguished more than 135 programs, projects and products from around the world. Today, the Awards are recognized as a prestigious industry accolade in their own right, but they also serve to remind a much wider audience that the mobility everyone takes for granted would not
be possible without the talent and commitment of our industry. For our sector, they also serve as an accelerator of progress and new ideas. By showcasing new technologies and creative solutions, we are able to learn from each other, and build on our successes.
IRF’s flagship industry award program is characterized first and foremost by its universal appeal, and this year is no different with 11 winners from seven countries. The diversity and quality of these projects are also a great testament to IRF’s status as the global marketplace for best practices and industry solutions.
I invite you to examine them in detail and to submit your own exemplary projects to the 2019 GRAA Competition.

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