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Local politicians have come up with a unique plan to help cut pollution – and they are giving life to the city walls.

A PLAN to help cut pollution in one of the UK’s major cities could see living walls sprout up along major commuter routes.

Birmingham Conservatives have proposed using “green walls” to absorb pollution and improve air quality for locals.

According to the party, as many as 900 deaths per year in the city can be linked to air pollution through conditions such as heart disease, lung disease and cancer.

The living walls are made up of 13-foot moss-covered metal frames, and allegedly have the air-cleaning power of 275 trees.

They intend to line the Aston Expressway, a major route out of the city, and “canyon locations” in the city with living walls.

On top of their unusual proposal, the party also suggested the use of more common solutions to reduce pollution, such as increasing park and ride schemes and planting more trees around Birmingham.

Councillor Robert Alden, leader of the Conservative Group in Birmingham, said: “There is around £500m available nationally in various pots to help City’s implement plans to deliver Clean Air.

“The plans Birmingham Conservatives are setting out will transform Birmingham with green infrastructure like living green walls being installed on city canyon locations like parts of the Aston Expressway to help clean the air around our roads.

“Research shows that they can remove up to 40 per cent of NOx and 60 per cent of particulate matter from the surrounding air.

“The size and flexibility of new technology like ‘City Trees’ allows their easy placement in key pollution hot spots across the City, including ensuring all our major shopping centres have some additional infrastructure to clean the air and attract shoppers to a cleaner, greener recreation environment.

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