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Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) has spent substantial financial resources on various rehabilitation and maintenance treatments to minimize pavement distresses and improve pavement life. Such treatments include, but are not limited to, chipseal, crack seal, micro-surfacing, thin and thick overlays, and structural overlays. Unfortunately, DOTD has not conducted a full scale performance assessment and cost-effectiveness analysis of all the aforementioned treatments. A recent study completed by the Louisiana Transportation Research Center (LTRC) regarding the pavement management system (PMS) and performance modeling emphasized the importance of developing treatment performance and selection models. In this regards, the LTRC initiated a three-phase research study that addresses such needs by developing rigorous treatment performance and selection models that are specific to the mission and management strategies of DOTD. The following are the three phases.
Phase I- Review and Project Selection
Phase II- Performance Modeling and Costs and Benefits of Treatments
Phase III-Model Integration and Training
This final report focuses on the results of Phase I and Phase II of the study. Phase I is related to review of district pavement treatment practices and project selection for the development of pavement treatment performance models. Phase II deals with the performance modeling and costs and benefits of treatments. The data obtained from the Phase I was used to develop cost-effective pavement treatment performance and treatment selection models during Phase II of this study. Trigger values for optimum timing of pavement treatments and an approach to use the performance models cost effectively were established. All these findings will be integrated in the software development and training for DOTD staff to be completed during Phase III of this study.

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