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“Origin/destination information derived from MaaS-style operations could be the key to reducing future gridlock caused by autonomous vehicles.” That was the message RideFlag’s chief technology officer Mark Feltham delivered to the IBTTA’s Annual Technology Summit in Orlando.

“Once they have removed the costly driver, Uber and Lyft will be able to offer very affordable rides, tempting people doing long commutes on transit to pay those few extra dollars to take an Uber. The combination of long distance commuters and an increasing urban population all travelling round cities in robo taxis will quickly fill the roads with nose to tail vehicles going nowhere fast.

“Look at congested traffic as FedEx might do. Having 85% of vehicles operating at 20% capacity – one seat full, four empty – is ludicrous.”

“There is huge potential for consolidation and with the origin/destination information people enter when using MaaS, it will be child’s play to match individuals making similar journeys to share a vehicle.

“So even if the individuals don’t select the public transport option, travellers using MaaS will still helping reduce congestion by increasing the use of sharing vehicles – autonomous or not.”

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