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Transport MEPs have called on the European Commission (EC) to present a timetable with targets for what the EU needs to achieve between 2019 and 2020 to accelerate the deployment of connected intelligent transport systems (C-ITS) technologies. It follows a welcomed response to the EC’s plans to speed up the deployment of digital technologies in transport to improve road safety and reduce congestion and emissions.

The appeal added that the EC should prioritise the deployment by 2019 of those C-ITS services that have the highest safety potential.

MEPs are now requesting that the EC, local authorities and Member States provide proper funding to upgrade and maintain future road infrastructure, and encourage car manufacturer and telecom operators to work together for the deployment of C-ITS communication technologies. It also called for cooperation on road charging and smart digital tachograph services.

Other areas include the necessity for smart vehicles to comply with General Data Protection Regulation and related rules, and for high standards of cybersecurity to be implemented as transport systems become more digitised and connected. In addition, special attention must be applied when developing C-ITS to urban driving, which involves interaction with motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians.

The draft resolution now needs to be voted by the full house of the Parliament.

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