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TRB has released Transportation Research Circular E-C244: Mobility on Demand: A Smart, Sustainable, and Equitable Future is the synopsis of a January 13, 2019, workshop that explored the current state of mobility on demand (MOD), examined next steps for preparing for transition to autonomy, and discussed ways to optimize sustainability and ensure equitability. The workshop emphasized the role of public transit, share mobility, and automation shaping the future of mobility.

The market for personal mobility is changing rapidly due to shifting demographics and social trends, as well as technological advances such as smartphones, information processing, and widespread data connectivity.

MOD is an innovative transportation concept evolving around connected travelers, where consumers can access mobility and goods delivery services on demand by dispatching or using public transportation, shared mobility, courier services, urban air mobility, and other innovative and emerging technologies.

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) defines MOD as a concept based on the principle that transportation is a commodity where modes have economic values that are distinguishable in terms of cost, journey time, wait time, number of connections, convenience, and other attributes.

Modes facilitated through MOD providers can include carsharing, bikesharing, carpooling–vanpooling, ridesourcing, scooter sharing, microtransit, shuttle services, public transportation, and other innovative and emerging transportation solutions.

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