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1.Intelligent transport systems

“Provision of EU-Wide Multimodal Travel Information Services”

4 November 2015 – 10:00–17:00 Centre Albert Borschette, Room 1A 1040 Brussels

Accurate, complete and comprehensive multimodal travel information services empower users to make well-informed decisions based on their individual travel needs both before and during their journeys. They have the potential to contribute to modal shift and increasing the use of sustainable modes of transport and therefore help support reducing congestion, and improve the overall management of Europe’s transport network.

Due to advances in data-collection technology and efficiency improvements in the way how data can be processed and distributed to users, a proliferation of multimodal travel information services is currently taking place throughout the EU. There is, however, a growing concern that not all relevant data and services are properly interoperable and easily accessible. Moreover, there are also concerns that there is an overall lack of consistent service and data quality along with divergent rules for the re-use of travel data. Such risks can increase with the growth in the number of actors that are active in the multimodal travel information service chain.

The ITS Directive foresees that specifications will be adopted by the European Commission to make EU-wide multimodal travel information services accurate and available to users across borders. These specifications will be binding and will need to aim at ensuring compatible and interoperable developments, where possible based on existing standards and technology. The initiative will contribute to EU-wide continuity and harmonized delivery of multimodal travel information services.

Currently, the European Commission is conducting a study led by TRL, TTR and Arup in support of the development of specifications on the Provision of EU-Wide Multimodal Travel Information Services (Priority action “a” of the ITS Directive).

The objective of the workshop jointly organised between the European Commission and TRL, TTR and Arup is to inform interested stakeholders and gather their opinions on the key issues and possible options for the development of the specifications.

Key topics to be discussed during the workshop include:

  • Technological developments and market trends
  • Improving interoperability of travel data and services
  • Potential of data sharing mechanisms to improve access to data
  • The challenges related to measuring, monitoring and managing data and service quality
  • Potential for common quality framework
  • Provisions for the re-use of travel data
  • The potential role for harmonization and regulation

Findings and key issues will be discussed with participating stakeholders from the whole value chain through three thematic panel sessions.

Draft Agenda pdf - 163 KB [163 KB]

To register for the workshop please submit your personal details via the registration link below by Wednesday 28 October 2015.

Please note that due to the capacity constraint of the meeting room (100 persons maximum) it might not be possible to accommodate all registration requests. We do apologise in advance, and we ask you to register one person per organisation if possible.

Please note that the meeting will take place in English and without translation. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the Commission does not intervene in any costs related to participation in this meeting.

For security reasons, we would kindly ask you to bring with you an identification document  (passport or national ID) and the ePass registration email that will be sent to you. Please show these documents to security at the entrance of the building and allow for sufficient time (at least 20 minutes) for security checks.

Please note that due to the capacity constraint of the meeting room (100 persons maximum) it might not be possible to accommodate all registration requests. We do apologise in advance, and we ask you to register one person per organisation if possible.

2.European strategies

“Taking stock of EU transport policy-the 2011 White Paper: achievements and challenges”

Thursday 12 November 2015 (all-day event) Conference Centre Albert Borschette (room 0D) Rue Froissart 36 1040 Brussels


The European Commission is organising an event in order to inform stakeholders about the outcome of the dedicated public consultation on the 2011 White Paper on Transport ‘Roadmap to a Single European Transport Area’ and the respective positions elaborated by other EU institutions. The White Paper sets out an action plan and a vision on transport policy until 2050. The Commission intends to report on its implementation by the end of 2015.

The vision, targets and objectives of the 2011 White Paper are still valid and topical. At the same time, the priorities of the new Commission warrant a deeper reflection on the orientations of EU transport policy, in order to ensure their compatibility and complementarity notably with the general agenda for growth, jobs and sustainability, the energy union action plan and the digital agenda. Moreover, transport policy initiatives must be focused around the needs of the people.

Main topics to be discussed

The event will be an opportunity for the European Commission to present the state of play and outlook on the Transport White Paper and to engage in an open dialogue with policy-makers from all institutions and Member States as well as stakeholders on the most important issues resulting from the input received from the other EU institutions and transport stakeholders in general.

Who is expected to participate?

The event will bring together high-level representatives from the European institutions and international organisations, Member States’ representatives and representatives of EU-level transport stakeholder federations, NGOs, user associations, academia etc.


Draft programme  [32 KB]  (updated 14/10/2015)

Interpretation in English, French, German, Italian, Polish and Spanish will be provided.

The information on this webpage will be updated on a regular basis.

Participation is free of charge. Travel and accommodation costs will be at the participants’ expense.


In order to register for the event, please introduce the requested information in the registration platform.

Please note that the event is invitation-based and limited to one representative per organisation/body.

The personal data collected with the registration of visitors in the Commission buildings is handled with accordance to the rules of regulation (EC) n° 45/2001 of the European Parliament and the Council on the protection of personal data.


All enquiries concerning the stakeholder event should be addressed to:


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