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The following report documents a research project on pavement preservation performed by the Missouri University of Science and Technology (Missouri S&T) and the University of Missouri-Columbia (UMC) on behalf of the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT). The report is in seven separate volumes consistingof a Summary Report followed by six detailed technical reports. To achieve the goal of reducing maintenance costs and improving minor road ratings, MoDOT has embarked upon a plan of formalizing its maintenance/preservation planning. To assist in developing the plan, MoDOT contracted with Missouri S&T and UMC to conduct a research project, entitled “MoDOT Pavement Preservation Research Program.”The product of this research would become a part of MoDOT’s overall Pavement Management System (PMS). The overall objective of the research was to provide a processthat would allow MoDOT to do more selective planning, better engineering and more effective maintenance to minimize costs while maintaining adequate safety and performance of Missouri’s pavements.  Six Guidance Documents were created which will act as guidelines for MoDOT’s Pavement Specialists and Pavement Engineers. The work was divided into six tasks, each with its own research (Task) team. The focus of the research was on preservation strategies applied to minor routes.

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