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A continuación se adjunta información sobre la iniciativa NFFA Europe, que da la oportunidad de acceder a servicios gratuitos en diversas entidades:

“NFFA gives access to synthesis, patterning and characterisation of advanced materials and surfaces, including theoretical calculations and simulations, and micro and nanodevice fabrication.

Different nanolabs across Europe are coordinating their offer within NFFA. A unique feature of these nanolabs is their collocation with Large Scale Facilities like synchrotron light and neutron sources, whose techniques are also part of the technological portfolio. A full description of the available facilities can be consulted at

One of the nodes where this comprehensive and overarching offer can be found is the NFFA Bellaterra (Barcelona) node, where El Parc de Recerca UAB (PRUAB) is orchestrating the combined technological offer and know-how of IMB-CNM-CSIC (National Center of Microelectronics), ICMAB-CSIC (Materials Institute of Barcelona), ICN2 (Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology), UAB (Autonomous University of Barcelona) and ALBA synchrotron.

Transnational open-access (free of charge) to academic and industrial researchers is awarded on the basis of the merit of the proposals, as evaluated for technical feasibility by NFFA nodes and for scientific priority by international referees. Collaborative and service/contractual research can also be considered.

Proposal submission is NOW OPEN through the Single Entry Point integrated in the website, where you can also find guidelines for access, and the procedures for submission of proposals (”.

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