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El gasto medio de los paises OCDE en I+D aumentó ligeramente respecto el 2016, hasta el 2,37% del PIB.

The latest available data on expenditure on Research and Development (R&D) for OECD countries and other major economies published in the OECD Main Science and Technology Indicators shows that R&D intensity (expenditure on R&D as a percentage of Gross Domestic Product, GDP) in the OECD area rose slightly from 2.34% in 2016 to 2.37% in 2017. This was largely driven by growth in the United States, Japan, Germany and Korea, offsetting a decline in Canada and several other European economies such as France, Italy and the United Kingdom. In 2017, Korea and Israel continued to be the countries with the highest R&D intensit y,
at 4,55% and 4,54%of GDP, respectively.
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