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SICE hands over their Smart City Project to the municipality of “Pozuelo de Alarcón” (Madrid-Spain), deploying a “Smart City Management Platform” to integrate several systems, such as management of parking systems, energy efficiency in municipal buildings, intelligent irrigation systems and light sensors.

Parallel to the implementation of the Smart City Management Platform, the project includes the commissioning of the following 4 systems integrated into the platform:

* Intelligent irrigation in 11 parks and gardens in the district

* More than 900 intelligent parking spaces

* Public lighting

* Energy efficiency in the Council House

This will allow the municipality to gather real time information on what is going on in the city. They will be able to override automatic irrigation on rainy days, turn on lights when there is fog and reduce spending on energy in their dependencies.

Furthermore, the municipality will be able to offer citizens real time information on free parking spaces, and provide free apps to guide drivers to spaces.

This project makes “Pozuelo de Alarcón” a point of reference in our country, promoting intelligent development of the city to serve as a showcase, either within the community of Madrid, or in the rest of Spain, attracting enterprising initiatives that will improve citizen quality of life.

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