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The Workshop is organized in Carpiano (near Milan, Italy) on 27 February within the framework of the Infrastructure Innovation Programme INFRAVATION to promote a more environmentally-friendly road sector.

In this context, the ALTERPAVE EU Project aims to promote circular economy  by demonstrating the technical and economic feasibility of replacing virgin aggregates and petroleum-based binders by alternative solutions (recycled materials and by-products).

Concretely, the workshop will discuss the following technical elements:


  • Use of RAP, by-products and binder rejuvenating agents for the development of eco-friendly and cost-efficient asphalt mixes.
  • Promotion of the Circular Economy approach that helps to move towards a more resource-efficient economy.
  • Technical validation in laboratory, with ALF and through the construction of a real test track
  • Assessment of recyclability and use of smart labelling solution.
  • Environmental and economic validation of the technology through a LCA and LCC
  • Globally-oriented Supply Management Plan and GIS-based application.


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