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Sobre Battle CO2

The LIFE BATTLE-CO2 project will demonstrate the incorporation of biomass as an alternative fuel in asphalt mix manufacturing, which is typically linked to the use of fossil fuels.

The project will develop a new plant configuration, establishing a completely fossil-fuel-free manufacturing process for asphalt mixes. The use of diesel and fuel oil will be avoided in the thermal energy processes in the plant (aggregates and bitumen heating), and electricity will be generated using the gases from biomass combustion. Biomass incorporation and the reduction of other contaminants associated with the combustion of fossil fuels will significantly reduce greenhouse-gas emissions. In addition, the ash from biomass combustion will be tested as a soil stabiliser that can potentially replace high impact materials currently used for this purpose, such as cement and lime. The project will thus optimise the use of biomass and reduce the carbon footprint of the manufacturing process and the life cycle of the asphalt mix product.

Tests will be carried out to evaluate the quality of the new products, by for example laying down different asphalt mixes at a construction site. This will demonstrate the technical, environmental and economic feasibility of the new manufacturing process. Finally, the project will develop a protocol for generating the “Product Category Rules” (PCRs) for a new “Environmental Product Declaration” (EPD) for asphalt mixes that will allow other companies to calculate their environmental impacts.

Expected results:

Elimination of 100% of fossil fuels, an 80% reduction of greenhouse-gas emissions (16.658 kg CO2 e savings), a 35% reduction of carbon monoxide emissions (5,75 kg CO2 savings) and a 90% reduction of sulphur oxides (35 kg Sox savings) in asphalt mix manufacturing plants;

Cost savings in asphalt manufacturing of 40% from reduced fuel costs (812 € savings);

Technical and mechanical assessment of the materials and products obtained using biomass as an alternative fuel;

A fossil-fuel-free pilot plant connected to an industrial asphalt mix plant, capable of producing at least 40 tonnes per hour (t/h) of asphalt mix, and of manufacturing 200 t/h of recycled asphalt mix with a 25% reduction in the use of fossil fuels;

A demonstration of the use of new materials from the biomass plant in construction projects, totalling 1 000 tonnes of asphalt mix and 7 200 square metres of pavement;

Development of the Product Category Rules in order to obtain the first international EPD for asphalt mix; and

Closing of the biomass life cycle loop by using the ash from biomass combustion as a soil stabiliser.

Potential results at European level would include the following savings:

  • 4,5 Mtonnes of CO2e
  • 1 595 tonnes of CO
  • 8 970 tonnes of SOx
  • 225 M€
  • 1,4 Mtonnes of fossil fuel

Palabras Clave:

  • Biomasa
  • Gases efecto invernadero
  • Reducción de emisiones



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