Proyecto Repara 2.0


Description: The aim of the REPARA 2.0 project is to develop new technologies and methodologies that support infrastructure management and to rehabilitate and conserve any type of road at a lower economic and environmental cost, improving its adaptation to climate change.

Battle CO2


Description: The project seeks to integrate the manufacturing process taking advantage of the use of biomass as a heat source and integrating the manufacturing process and putting into operation with the proximity to the supply points of renewable energy sources, as is the case of biomass.



Description: The solution proposed within the DURABROADS project aims to develop roads adapted to the new challenges and achieve efficient, smarter and more secure mobility, while maintaining the principles of sustainability.



Description: The project “Design and development of BIM technologies for validation and management of road construction projects, their exploitation and the management of the safety of such road infrastructures” (ROAD-BIM) has the general objective of achieving a more efficient development of construction projects of roads throughout their useful life through the application of BIM technology in the management processes of the information required for their implementation.

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