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The results are presented of drained triaxial tests on a weakly bonded artificial soil in which thestress path direction has been changed partway through the shearing process. The effects of the previous shearingpath history on the yield and failure surfaces are examined. Yield of the bonds occurs under each stress pathdirection followed, even when yield has previously occurred along another path. This demonstrates that bondbreakdown is an anisotropic process. The position of yield was found to be independent of the previous shearingpath history of the soil and occurred at points that corresponded to a yield surface defined for the currentshearing path direction. However, the previous shearing path history of the soil did significantly affect the failureenvelope. It is suggested that the bond yield surface is kinematic, in the sense that it is an expandable/shrinkablesurface, but that it is not a moveable surface. It is postulated that the yield surface expands when volumetricstrains are compressive and shrinks when the volumetric strains are dilatent.

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