In Publicaciones

*Informe “Transformational Technologies in Transportation: State of the Activities”:

*Informe “Life-Cycle Cost Analysis for Management of Highway Assets”:

*Llamada de la FHWA para colaboraciones obre “Inductive Charging Systems and Roadway Pavement Design and Durability”:

*Informe “Novel Surface Transportation Modes”:

*Informe “Enhancement and Application of the Minnesota Dry Swale Calculator”:

*Revista “Innovator” mayo/junio 2016:

*Infome “Updating and Improving Methodology for Prioritizing Highway Project Locations on the Strategic Intermodal System (SIS)”:

*Considerations and Case Studies in Rapid Highway Construction Using Asphalt Pavement:

*A breakthrough in the horizontal reuse of PA (porous asphalt):

*Driving recycling, unlocking the value of UK roads:

*UTA researcher to employ scanning laser to measure road aggregate microtexture:

*El programa SHRP2 en las universidades. Ultimas novedades:

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