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* Informe “Prototype Development: Automated and Continuous Aggregate Sampling and Laser Targeting System”:

* Informe “Battery-Less Wireless Weigh-in-Motion Sensor:

* TRANSIT COOPERTATIVE RESEARCH PROGRAM 2015 annual progress report:

* The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has released a user’s manual that provides documentation of the historical coding practices of the National Automotive Sampling System General Estimates System from 1988 to 2014:

* Informe “Novel Alternative Cementitious Materials for Development of the Next Generation of Sustainable Transportation Infrastructure”:

* The United States Conference of Mayors has released a report that discusses how select U.S. mayors are addressing climate change challenges, including through efforts to create sustainable transportation:

*U.S. Department of Transportation Public Access Plan:Increasing Access to Federally Funded Research Results:

* Austroads has released a report that summarizes the mix design test methods within the context of its mix design process:


* Map to view experimental and research project locations:

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