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*Dutch government to invest in ITS:

*Propuestas de temáticas para realizar informes del estado del arte:

*Informe final proyecto “An Inexpensive Vision-Based Approach for the Autonomous Detection, Localization, and Quantification of Pavement Defects”:

*Informe destacado (noticia) “NCHRP 2015 Annual report”:

*Informe “Multiple Sources of Safety Information from V2V and V2I: Redundancy, Decision Making, and Trust—Safety Message Design Report:

*USDOT premia a una Appp destinada a mejorar la seguridad de peatones en los pasos de peatones:

*Las últimas noticias sobre desarrollos tecnológicos de USDOT:

*Últimas novedades de los proyectos desarrollados bajo el programa SHRP2:

*Publicación “Independent Cost Estimates for Design and Construction of Transit Facilities in Rural and Small Urban Areas”:

*Informe “State of the Practice for Managing, Maintaining and Operating Culverts: A Review of Deterioration Curves and Tools”:

*Informe “Revision of Criteria for Selection of Road Lighting Class: A Pre-Study”:

*Informe”Evaluating All-Weather Pavement Markings In Illinois: Volume 1″:

*Informe “Deploy and Refine the Road Wear Modeling Methodologies: FAMLIT Final Report”:

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