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*Informe “Transportation Research Board 2015 Annual Report”:

*New IDEAS for Transit: Transit IDEA Program Annual Report – January 2016:

*Remotely Monitoring Water Quality Near Highways: A Sustainable Solution:

*Informe” Optimal Design of Stormwater Basins with Bio-sorption Activated Media (BAM) in Karst Environments-Phase I: Site Screening and Selection”:

*Informe “Evaluation of Pavement Markings on Low-Volume Rural Roadways in Iowa”:

*A new report, SHRP2 Moving Us Forward, highlights SHRP2 implementation activities and progress over the past three years. As of October 2015, SHRP2 has successfully delivered $122 million in financial and technical assistance to agencies across the nation. More than 40 SHRP2 Solutions have gone through six rounds of the IAP:


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