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*Publicación “Guidance for Calculating the Return on Investment in Transit State of Good Repair”:

*Publicación del programa IDEA (Innovations Deserving Exploratory Analysis Program’s ) “Using Medical X-Ray Machine to Determine the Service Life of Concrete”:

*Publicaión “Using quarry by-products in road construction”:

*Publicación “Pedestrian Safety Relative to Traffic-Speed Management”:

*Publicación “Strengthening guardrail safety New methodologies for prioritizing guardrail installations are described in Evaluation of Guardrail Needs and Update of Guardrail Rating Program, a report from the Kentucky Transportation Center at the University of Kentucky. This report also identifies crash frequency and severity in order to maximize safety outcomes for roadway departure crashes.”:

*Publicación “Using recycled plastics in asphalt The feasibility of using recycled plastics in road applications is examined in Viability of Using Recycled Plastics in Asphalt and Sprayed Sealing Applications, a report from Austroads. This report explores using recycled plastics into asphalt mixes and provides case studies of road trials. The report is available for no fee after logging onto the site.”:

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