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*Publicación “Older drivers and advanced vehicle technologies The ways in which drivers aged 70–79 accept, trust, and use mixed-function advanced vehicle technologies (AVTs) is investigated in Examining Senior Drivers Adaptation to Mixed Level Automated Vehicles: A Naturalistic Study, a report from the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute. AVTs include blind spot alerts, lane keep assist, lane alert, and adaptive cruise control. However, the degree to which these technologies are useful depends largely on the degree of comfort the driver has with them.”:

*Publicación “How Technology Can Affect the Demand for Bicycle Transportation: The State of Technology and Projected Applications of Connected Bicycles”:

*Publicación “Workshop on the Use of Traffic Speed Deflection Device Data in Network- and Project-Level Pavement Decisions”:

*Publicación “Pressure-Based Dispatch for Shared Autonomous Vehicles A policy for shared autonomous vehicle (SAV) systems is developed in a report from the Center for Transportation Studies at the University of Minnesota. With a properly planned scheduling system, SAVs have the potential to offer low-cost, convenient mobility-on-demand to travelers.”:

*Publicación: “Assessing the Cost-Effectiveness of Wyoming’s CMAQ Unpaved Road Dust Suppression Program, Year 1”:

*Publicación “Factors Affecting Cycling Levels of Service”:

*Publicación “Rollover Crashes: Road Design Risk Factors and Infrastructure Solutions”:

*Publicación “Sustainable Multimodality in Urban Regions”:

*Publicación “Evaluating the Effects of Recycling Agents on Asphalt Mixtures with High RAS and RAP Binder”:

*Publicación “How Locals Need to Prepare for the Future of V2V/V2I Connected Vehicles”:

*Publicación “Accelerated Load Testing of Geosynthetic Base Reinforced/Stabilized Unpaved and Pavement Test Sections”:

*Publicación “Evaluating Alternative Measures of Bicycling Level of Traffic Stress Using Crowdsourced Route Satisfaction Dat”:

*Publicación “Traffic Forecasting Accuracy Assessment Research”:

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