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*Informes “Civil Integrated Management (CIM) for Departments of Transportation, Volume 1: Guidebook” y “Civil Integrated Management (CIM) for Departments of Transportation, Volume 2: Research Report”:

*ATSPMs modernize traffic signal management by providing high-resolution data to support objectives and performance-based maintenance and operations strategies that improve safety and efficiency while cutting congestion and cost:

*Sitsema colaborativo para difundir alertas metereológicas:

*National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) crea una aplicación que permite a los conductores ebrios solicitar a taxis o personas conocidas que pasen a recogerlos:

*Informe “The Missouri Department of Transportation has released a report that describes a driving simulator study that analyzed the parameters of lane configuration, U-turn spacing, and signage”:


*El consorcio “No Boundaries” publica los resultados de la encuesta realizada a 33 Ddepartamentos federales de transporte sobre el uso que hacen de los sitemas de gestión del mantenimiento de carreteras:

*Informe “In-situ Determination of Emulsion Application Rates for Tack Coats and Surface Treatments”:

*Informe “Aggregate Freezing-Thawing Performance Using the Iowa Pore Index: Final Report2:

*Informe “Austroads has released a report that provides information for the design and installation of bicycle parking facilities and end-of-trip facilities”:

*Recopilación de publicaciones científicas (octubre 2016) sobre el sector del transporte realizada por Institute of Transport Studies (Monash University):

*Webinar gratuito “Safety Management Systems – Ensuring safer roads and efficient infrastructure investment”:

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