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*The University Transportation Center at the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) has developed a technology transfer tool that is having a significant impact in the area of signal synchronization, both in the field and in area of signal synchronization, both in the field and in the classroom:

*Arizona installs pavement sensors on I-40 for identifying icy road conditions:

Arizona installs pavement sensors on I-40 for identifying icy road conditions

*Informe del resumen del Proyecto Piloto de Tecnología para el Control de Peatones de bicicletas de un año de la Administración Federal de Carreteras (FHWA). El propósito de el proyecto piloto consistió en aumentar la capacidad organizativa y técnica de las Organizaciones de Planificación Metropolitana (MPO) para establecer y operar programas eficaces de recuento de bicicletas y peatones, y para proporcionar lecciones aprendidas para agencias de pares en todo el país. FHWA seleccionó diez MPO de en todo el país para participar en el proyecto piloto, y este informe destaca sus experiencias con la identificación de ubicaciones de conteo. El informe concluye con los beneficios clave y las lecciones aprendidas identificadas por las MPO:

*Informe “Preparation of the Implementation Plan of AASHTO Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide (M-EPDG) in Connecticut: Phase II – Expanded Sensitivity Analysis and Validation with Pavement Management Data”:

*Informe “The Florida Department of Transportation has released a report that evaluates various polishing systems to reliably identify aggregates with acceptable frictional performance. The systems being evaluated include Photometric Stereo-Independent Component Analysis (PS-ICA), Aggregate Image Measurement System (AIMS), and Micro-Deval (MD) “:

*Informe “The Illinois Center for Transportation at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has released a report that describes a series of experimental projects that were constructed to better determine the life-cycle cost and performance of pavement overlays using various levels of asphalt binder replacement from use of reclaimed asphalt pavement, recycled asphalt shingles, and crushed concrete. The report also includes an update of performance on the sections constructed in 2014 and the total recycle asphalt sections constructed in 2013”:

*Informe “The Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute at North Dakota State University has released a report that develops a set of performance metrics and computational methodologies for evaluating freeway performance. The project seeks to quantify the impact of nonrecurring congestions, and provide linkage between performance measures and decision making by using interpretative indicators to inform decisions”:

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