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*Informe”Effect of Flat and Elongated Aggregate on Stone Matrix Asphalt Performance”:

*Informe”Evaluation of the AIMS2 and Micro-Deval to Characterize Aggregate Friction Properties”:

*Informe “An Expanded Functional Classification System for Highways and Streets”:

*Informe “Strategic Program Delivery Methods”:

*Informe “Data Management and Governance Practices”:

*Informe “Using Falling Weight Deflectometer Data with Mechanistic-Empirical Design and Analysis, Volume I: Final Report”:

*Informe “The Ohio Department of Transportation has released a report that evaluates vegetation management practices that may help increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of roadside maintenance activities. The research aims to determine which methods may improve workers’ and roadway users’ safety while improving roadside aesthetics.”:

*Informe “The New Zealand Transport Agency has released a report that tests moisture detection equipment in order to establish a method of measuring the moisture content of New Zealand’s pavements. The measurements may be used to create a moisture damage index that quantifies the effectiveness of drainage.”:

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