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*UDOT has deployed ATSPMs (Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures) at 1,778 of the State’s 2,019 traffic signals. The agency reports that ATSPMs show real-time and historical performance at signalized intersections and increase safety by reducing traffic congestion and the percentage of vehicles that arrive on a red light . ATSPMs provide the agency with the information needed to deliver high-quality service to motorists and respond to issues at signalized intersections faster and more consistently with operational objectives:

*Informe “Sustainability and Climate Change Considerations in Winter Operations”:

*Informe “Bicycle Safety at Roundabouts”:

*Informe “Verification of Austroads Road Design Criteria Based on Objective Safety Evidence”:

*Informe sobre el e-Construction Summit October 26-27, 2016 Portsmouth-Norfolk, Virginia:

*Proyectos promovidos por el programa STIC, destinados a facilitar la implantación de innovaciones en los departamentos de transporte:


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