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*Informe “Connected and Automated Vehicles: NCHRP Support for Transportation Agency Leaders”:

*Informe “High-Volume Recycled Materials for Sustainable Pavement Construction”:

*Informe “Economical and Crack-Free High-Performance Concrete for Pavement and Transportation Infrastructure Construction”:

*Informe “TRB’s National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Report 792: Long-Term Performance and Life-Cycle Costs of Stormwater Best Management Practices provides tools and guidance to help optimize the best management practices (BMP) portion of a transportation department’s stormwater program. The report is accompanied by a CD-ROM containing a BMP evaluation tool in a spreadsheet format as a computational aid that provides average annual performance and whole life costs for treatment BMPs”:

*Valuing Climate Damages: Updating Estimation of the Social Cost of Carbon Dioxide:

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