In Publicaciones

*Propuestas de financiación del programa IDEA que han sido aceptadas:

*Informe “Selection and Design of Initial Treatments for Sprayed Seal Surfacings”:

*Informe “Review of hydraulically bound materials for use in Scotland”:

*Informe “Quarterly Research Report Q1 2016: Connected and automated vehicles”:

*Informe “Minimizing Roadway Embankment Damage from Flooding”:

*Informe “Sinusoidal Rumble Strip Design Optimization Study”:

*Informe “Preferential Lane Use for Heavy Trucks Final report”:

*Informe “Effects of Turning On and Off Red Light Cameras on Fatal Crashes in Large U.S. Cities”:

*Study utilized in-pavement sensors installed along a crosswalk and vehicular lanes of an intersection:

*App que hacer interactuar los peatones, ciclistas y semáforos gana el premio Award at the ITS America Annual Meeting:

*Guía práctica para diseñar rotondas de varios carriles y minimizar llos usos indebidos:

*Informe sobre “Innovative Technology Workshop on 3D LIDAR”:

*Recopilación de publicaciones científicas (agosto 2016) sobre el sector del transporte realizada por Institute of Transport Studies ( Monash University):

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