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[:es]*El National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) de TRB ha presentado una solicitud de propuestas para desarrollar una metodología predictiva que pueda usarse para estimar la frecuencia y severidad de accidentes en autopistas con carriles para vehículos de alta ocupación (HOV) o peaje por alta ocupación (HOT) , y proporcionar una herramienta para agencias de carreteras para cuantificar el desempeño de seguridad en la planificación, desarrollo de proyectos y operación de autopistas con HOV o carriles HOT. Las propuestas deben presentarse el 3 de mayo de 2018:

* El Programa “Behavioral Traffic Safety Cooperative Research” (BTSCRP) ha lanzado una solicitud de propuestas para desarrollar una guía para el uso de carteles de mensajes variables para entregar anuncios de seguridad de tráfico conductual. Las propuestas deben presentarse el 8 de mayo de 2018:

*Informe “TRB’s National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Web-Only Document 250: Use of Automated Machine Guidance within the Transportation Industry studies automated machine guidance (AMG) implementation barriers and develop strategies for effective implementation of AMG technology in construction operations. AMG links design software with construction equipment to direct the operations of construction machinery with a high level of precision, and improve the speed and accuracy of the construction process. AMG technology may improve the overall quality, safety, and efficiency of transportation project construction”:

*Informe “The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development has released a report that evaluates the influence of tack coat material type on the resulting longitudinal joint density and permeability. This report also determines the relationship between the interlayer bond shear strength and the quality of the longitudinal joint as measured by density and permeability”:

*Informe “Austroads has released a report that summarizes the work undertaken during 2016-2017 for its long-term pavement performance (LTPP) project. This project monitors the structural and functional performance of in-service pavement test sites across Australia. The report is available for no fee after logging onto the site”:

*Informe “Towards Safe System Infrastructure: A Compendium of Current Knowledge”. This report provides a compendium of knowledge on Safe System treatments and identifies real world experience in the practical application of solutions that can mitigate crash severity:

*Informe “Asset Data Harmonisation Stage III: BIM IFC Alignment Review”. The report recommends that Austroads revises its Data Standard, and contributes to the development of IFC Infrastructure (which is developing more physical objects in the realm of infrastructure), and of Uniclass 2015 (which does not yet include a Properties table):

*Informe “Guidelines for Informing Decisionmaking to Affect Pavement Performance Measures: Final Report”:

*The Institute for Transportation at Iowa State University has released a report that summarizes the implementation tasks performed in support of R06E, a project developed through the Second Highway Research Program (SHRP2). The intent of this project was to advance real-time smoothness measuring technologies through unbiased field evaluations and demonstrations:

*TRB Webinar: Practices for Establishing Contract Time for Highway Projects:


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