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*Informe “Impact of Curling and Warping on Concrete Pavement”:

*Informe “Commercial Pavement Marking Management Systems”:

*Informe “Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Performance Functions for the Highway Safety Manual”:

*Informe “chieving Multimodal Networks: Applying Design Flexibility & Reducing Conflicts”:

*Informe “Investigation of Premature Strip Seal Joint Failures and Recommendations for Assuring Proper Strip Seal Joint Installation: Bridge 5/104W”:

*Informe “Geogrid Reinforced Aggegate Base Stiffness for Mechanistic Pavement Design”:

*Sistema de ayuda al guiado de maquinas quitanieves:

*Informe “Development of Delineator Material/Impact Testing Specific to Managed Lane Use for Optimization of Service Life”:

*Informe “Análisis de os procesos de fallo de superficies especiales”:

*The Prevalence of Motor Vehicle Crashes Involving Road Debris,United States, 2011– 2014:

*Informe “Procedures for waste management from street sweeping and stormwater systems:

*Informe “Evaluation of Bio-Fog Sealants for Pavement Preservation”:

*Informe “Preliminary Investigation on Performance-Based Budgeting for Maintenance Activities :

*Informe “Development of the Traffic Impact Estimation Tool for Small Intersection Projects”:

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