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*Informe “Investigating the Necessity and Prioritizing Pavement Markings on Low-Volume Roads”:

*Informe “Traffic Control Devices and Measures for Deterring Wrong-Way Movements”:

*Descubre online los módulos educativos que la Federal Highway Administration ha creado para dar difusión y acompañar al manual sobre iluminación “FHWA Lighting Handbook” :

*Optimal Replacement Cycles of Highway Operations Equipment:

*Building a smart city infrastructure: the key role of APIs and microservices:

*Informe “Remaining Service Life Asset Measure, Phase 1”:

*Informe “Balanced Design of Asphalt Mixtures”:

*Informe “esting, Evaluation, and Specification for Polymeric Materials Used for Transportation Infrastructures”:

*Informe “Review of Initial Service Life Determination in Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) Procedures and in Practice”:

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