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*Informe “Construction and Rehabilitation of Concrete Pavements Under Traffic”:

*Informe “Early-Age Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Properties for Overlays”:

*Informe “Intelligent Highway Management System for the City of Wichita”:

*Informe “Impact of Alternative Asphalt Binder Extenders on Asphalt Mixture Design, Production and Performance”:

*California Revises Specifications for High RAP Mixes:

*Informe “Concrete Repair Best Practices”:

*Florida Expands Deployment of Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures:

*Informe “Design Guide for Low-Speed Multimodal Roadways “:

*Informe “Impact of Initial Density on Strength-Deformation Characteristics of Open-Graded Aggregates”:

*Informe “Characterizing Existing Asphalt Concrete Layer Damage for Mechanistic Pavement Rehabilitation Design”:

*Informe “Impact of Water/ Cementitious-Based Concrete Mix Design Specification Changes on Concrete Pavement Quality”:


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