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*El programa EDC (Every Day Counts) pone facilita el acceso a la “Community Connections Toolbox” que incluye herramientas y estrategias innovadoras para ayudar a State DOT, MPO, gobiernos locales y tribales y otros profesionales a unir a las comunidades y conectar a las personas con servicios y oportunidades:

*Documento “Glossary of Transportation Construction Quality Assurance Terms: Seventh Edition”:

*Informe “Harmonisation of Pavement Markings and National Pavement Marking Specifications2:

*Informe “Quantification of Flood Event Forcing and the Impact of Natural Wetland Systems: Great Bay Boulevard, Ocean County, New Jersey”:

*Informe “Precast Concrete Panels for Rapid Full-Depth Repair of CRC Pavement to Maintain Continuity of Longitudinal Reinforcement”:

*Informe “Investigating the Necessity and Prioritizing Pavement Markings on Low-Volume Roads”:

*Informe “Minimum Levels of Componentisation for Road Infrastructure Assets: Guideline”:

*Informe” Systemic Pedestrian Safety Analysis”:

*Informe “Laboratory Performance Testing of Warm-Mix Asphalt Mixtures for Airport Pavements”:

*Informe “Systemic Low-Cost Countermeasures for an Unsignalized Intersection Safety Improvement Plan for Virginia”:

*Informe “Permeable Pavement Road Map Workshop and Proposed Road Map for Permeable Pavement”:

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