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*Informe “Preventive Maintenance Study”:

*Informe “State-of-the-Practice in Chip Seal, Slurry Seal, Micro Surfacing, and Thin Lift Asphalt Overlay Construction Quality Assurance”:

*Informe “Visual Analysis of Pavement Performance and Related Factors”:

*Informe “Pavement Roughness Measurement Using Android Smartphones: Case Study of Missouri Roads and Airports”:

*Informe “Permeable Pavement Road Map”:

*Informe “Comparison of Performances of Structural Fibers and Development of a Specification for Using Them in Thin Concrete Overlays”:

*Informe “Material Constituents and Proportioning for Roller-Compacted Concrete Mechanical Properties”:

*Publicación “Lidar for Maintenance of Pavement Reflective Markings and Retroreflective Signs, Vol. I: Reflective Pavement Markings”:

*Publicación “Passive RFID-Based Inventory of Traffic Signs on Roads and Urban Environments”:


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