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*Informe “Systemic Pedestrian Safety Analysis”:

*Tecnologías en EEUU para disminuir los accidentes en zonas de obras en carreteras:

*Informe “A Strategic Approach to Transforming Traffic Safety Culture to Reduce Deaths and Injuries”:

*Infome “Development of an Electrical Probe for Rapid Assessment of Ground Improvement”:

*Informe “Managing Risk in Rapid Renewal Projects”:

*Informe “Effectiveness of Seasonal Deer Advisories on Changeable Message Signs as a Deer Crash Reduction Tool”:

*Informe “Plasticity Requirements of Aggregates Used in Pavement Base and Subbase Courses”:

*Informe “Performance of Asphalt and Spray Grade PMBs in Asphalt Mixes”:

*Internacional “Adoption of green stormwater infrastructure rises after floods”:


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