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*Informe “Pavement Maintenance Guidelines for General Aviation Airport Management”:

*Informe “An Infrastructure Plan for America How Investing in Infrastructure Will Lay the Foundation for Prosperity, Advance Environmental Goals, and Rebuild the Middle Class”:

*Livable Transit Corridors: Methods, Metrics, and Strategies:

*El programa SHRP2 desarrolla una metodología de construcción de riesgos en la construcción de autopistas:

*Informe “Use of Narrow Lanes and Narrow Shoulders on Freeways: a Primer on Experiences, Current Practice, and Implementation Considerations”:

*Informe “Long-Term Pavement Performance Program – Pavement Performance Measures and Forecasting and the Effects of Maintenance and Rehabilitation Strategy on Treatment Effectiveness”:

*Informe “Geogrids Increase Aggregate Base Stiffness”:

*Informe “Concrete Debris Assessment for Road Construction Activities”:

*Informe ” seguimiento de publicaciones científicas del sector de la carretera Agosto 2016″:

*Informe “Guide to Road Design Part 3: Geometric Design (2016 Edition)”:

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