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* “Mobility on Demand: A Smart, Sustainable, and Equitable Future”:

* “Research Offers Insights on Highway Noise” (página 26):

* “Approaches for Determining and Complying with TMDL Requirements Related to Roadway Stormwater Runoff”:

* “Energy Implications of Current Travel and the Adoption of Automated Vehicles”:

* “Infrastructure Initiatives to Apply Connected- and Automated-Vehicle Technology to Roadway Departures”:

* “Initial Analytical Investigation of Overhead Sign Trusses with Respect to Remaining Fatigue Life and Predictive Methods for Inspection”:

* “Concrete Pavement Preservation Strategies”:

* “Geotechnical Asset Management for Transportation Agencies, Volume 1: Research Overview”:

* “Geotechnical Asset Management for Transportation Agencies, Volume 2: Implementation Manual”:

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