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*Publicaciónn “Case Studies of Critical Learnings in Network Operations, Congestion Management Relief Initiatives and Planned Activities”:

*Publicación : “Congestion and Reliability Review. Full Report”:

*Informe “Design Guidelines for Horizontal Sightline Offsets”:

*Informe “Guidelines for Traversability of Roadside Slopes”:

*Informe “High polymer asphalt concrete structural coefficient”:

*Informe “Quantifying pavement preservation activities”:

*Informe “Security and road infrastructure design”:

*Informe “Very Short Duration Work Zone Safety for Maintenance and Other Activities”:

*Informe “Automated Pavement Condition Surveys”:

*Informe “Effectiveness of noise barriers on Dallas highway”:

*Informe “Effects of Temperature Segregation on the Volumetric and Mechanistic Properties of Asphalt Mixtures”:

*Informe “Evaluation of the Terminal Boulevard (SR 406) Concrete Rubblization Project”:

*Publicación “Landscape Development and Management Practices for Urban Freeway Roadsides”:

*Publicación “Red or amber turn signals?”:

*Publicación “Aging effects on asphalt”:

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