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*Publicación “BICYCLE FACILITY IMPLEMENTATION” – Quick Reference Guide:

*Publicación “Design and Performance of Unbonded Concrete Overlays on Concrete Pavement – A Synthesis”:

*Publicación “Using Municipal Vehicles as Sensor Platforms to Monitor the Health and Performance of the Traffic Control System”:

*Publicación “Impact of Regular and Narrow AV-Exclusive Lanes on Manual Driver Behavior”:

*Publicación “Evaluation of Use of Crushed Hydraulic Cement Concrete (CHCC) as an Additive to Base Course/Subbase Material”:

*Publicación “DataDriven Driving: Shifting into Shared Mobility and Autonomous Cars”:

*Publicación “Development and Calibration of a Laserbased Highway Deflection Measuring System”:

*Publicación “Monitoring Progress in Urban Road Safety”:

*Publicacion “Austroads Data Standard: Priority Data Sets and Metrics”:

*Publicación “How effective are lightweight noise barriers?”:

*Publicación “Cost-Effective Designs of Smart City Technologies for Vehicular Communications”:

*Publicación “Characterization of Runoff Quality from Paved Low-Volume Roads and Optimization of Treatment Methods”:

*Publicación “Critical Review and Gap Analysis of Impacts from Pavements on Urban Heat Island”:

*Publicación “On-Road Public Transport Priority Tool”:

*Publicación “Improved Traffic Management Guidance: Freeway Capacity Analysis”:

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